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About Us

Atakul Dizel A.S. has been providing a spare parts for Mercedes-Man trucks and Mercedes light commercial vehicles to his domestic customers since 1987. The company were established in Ankara and he is making service to all of the Turkey from Ankara for 30 years.

Due to changing on the domestic market needs and also his desire of bringing this quality service to the foreign markets; it was inevitable to open a new branch in Istanbul. Because Ankara is capital city of the Turkey as an officially but Istanbul is capital city of the Turkey for commercial subjects and has an advantages for logistics. So Atakul Dizel A.S. opened a new branch in Istanbul at the begining of 2014. After a while he decided to issue a new and different company and also to built a new trademark for to proceed his succesful business in export market.

Thus at the begining of 2015, the new company Saha Motorlu Araçlar Dış Ticaret Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. were established by shareholders of the Atakul Dizel A.S and than Sahaparts were registered as a trademark of Saha Motorlu Araçlar. They start out as a representative of the quality spare parts, have a same meaning of the quality parts and to appear that it is quality parts on the customer minds. In order to ensure that they create a sales, purchasing and quality assurance department and the staff who is experts in his field, equipped and experienced that have been employed.

Saha Motorlu Araçlar is operating his sales and shipment activitiy in his new place in Istanbul together with the Atakul Dizel A.S. ( Ikitelli Industrial Area ) which is two times bigger than the first one. He has improved his storage area, packaging capacity to arrange the shipments properly. There is also new showroom in this new place. This is for to present all the product range that Sahaparts has and the foreign visitors would have a chance to check all the parts by their own eyes.

Sahaparts proposes to build the cooperation with these principles to all the stakeholders.